Youth Basketball

Our summer basketball session will be coming to a close August 4th. If you missed out this summer, our winter basketball program will begin January 7, 2013. Stay tuned for registration information.

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The Youth Basketball program at PCC is a Christian based non-competitive league. Players are taught fundamental basketball skills during weekly practice. The players then have a chance to demonstrate the skills they learned in a weekly game against another team. The program consists of various groups of players ranging from first grade through high school.  Each group will have several teams of players who register for the league.  Players are placed into groups based on their age and skill level.  Below is a description of each of the groups:

Group A  (1st-3rd grade) to teach the basic fundamentals of basketball.  The proper techniques of dribbling, shooting, playing defense, and passing. This group usually includes players from 1st grade through 3rd grade.

Group B (4th-6th grade) to continue the proper fundamentals of basketball of dribbling, shooting, passing, proper defense, and rebounding.  Most important to play as a team. Players will be taught the names and role of the different basketball positions. They will begin to learn the pick and roll and setting screens for their teammates. This group usually includes players from 4th grade through 6th grade.

Group C  (7th-9th grade) to continue the fundamentals of basketball and to focus on team play and setting screens. There will be an extra focus on conditioning and exercise at this group level. Also we will work on proper rebounding techniques including blocking out your opponent and getting the best positioning.  Zone defense to be introduced. This group usually includes players from 7th grade through 9th grade.

Group D (10th-12th grade) to continue the fundamentals of basketball, team play, and introducing team defense and offensive plays. The players will be required to run multiple sprints and be in condition to play at this level. This group usually includes players from 10th grade through 12th grade.

All practices will begin with a prayer.  We will share prayer concerns and prayers of thanksgiving.  We will also address and stress the importance of patience, positive attitudes, confidence, practice, persistence, responsibility, dedication, accountability, capability, teamwork, determination, integrity, potential, respect, and caring for others.

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